This add-on for MacDirtyCow & kfd lets you change the Status Bar’s 3G/4G LTE/5G indicator

A popular type of customization among jailbreakers is changing their Status Bar’s carrier radio indicator so that it shows a different connection type, such as 4G LTE instead of 3G, or 5G instead of 4G LTE, and so on.

Change the 4G or 5G Status Bar indicator without a jailbreak.

But with a new add-on called Change 3G 4G LTE 5G by iOS developer Phuc Do for the MacDirtyCow and kfd exploits, you can do this on a non-jailbroken iPhone running iOS 16.

As you can see in the screenshot examples above, Change 3G 4G LTE 5G, you can enter whatever text you want to replace the existing connection type, including something as wild as 7G — a radio technology that doesn’t even exist yet.

You can access the preference pane you see above by using a 3D Touch or Haptic Touch gesture on the add-on from the Misaka package manager app.

While the process of changing the Status Bar text that designates what cellular radio you’re using doesn’t change the connection in any way shape or form, the aesthetic change can make you feel like you’re using a more modern handset. If you’re trying to save money by not buying a new iPhone, this can help give the perception that you’re already up to date.

Those who’d like to try Change 3G 4G LTE 5G can acquire it for free from the Misaka package manager app. Also please note that while it supports both the MacDirtyCow and kfd exploits, the add-on is only intended for iOS 16 devices and cannot be installed on iOS 15 devices.

Please note that none of this requires a jailbreak, but you can still install it on a jailbroken device as long as it runs a compatible firmware version.

If you’re not already taking full advantage of Misaka, then you can follow one of the tutorials below to get started at your own pace:

Are you going to use Change 3G 4G LTE 5G? Let us know why or why not in the comments section down below.

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