iPhone 15 wallpaper mods color pack

We are now a few days into the iPhone 15 era. People are singing the praises of lighter chassis thanks to the Titanium framing. With each new device a corresponding wallpaper is used for advertising and in the iOS version. For this Wallpapers of the Week installment, bring a splash of color to the iPhone 15 Pro Titanium inspired wallpaper.

iPhone 15 wallpaper mods

iPhone 15 devices come in a range of colors, the likes of which will never be seen in the iPhone Pro device color ways. iPhone 15, which comes in multiple colors, has a series of similarly color matched wallpapers. iPhone 15 Pro comes with a sand dune looking image, that also correlates to the simplistic Natural Titanium, White, Black, and Blue models.

The wallpaper pack below, created by @jianoliu, is an incredible combination of these two wallpaper flavors. Using both the Titanium dune iPhone 15 Pro wallpaper and the iPhone 15 color ways, we have a smash up that makes for an awesome collection. Each of these downloads is offered in both a light and dark mode. There are even a few bonus colors here as well like the purple, orange, and blue gradient versions.

Of the full collection the orange option really catches my eye. With a swirl of red, yellow, and orange, I titled it the “sunset” wallpaper. It doesn’t match any of the new devices, but it makes for an incredible background regardless.

If you want to influence the iDB Wallpapers of the Week collection, then you can send your downloads or repo links to me via @jim_gresham. X is the best place to interact about the gallery. You can also stick around for mid-week downloads, sneak peaks, and general Apple and tech gadget banter. My thanks, again, to @jianoliu who has been featured frequently in the preceding weeks! Give them a follow!

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