Best Apple Watch Series 9 deals: Get a new watch for less

Apple Watch Series 9 is now available to buy. If you’re after the latest Apple Watch, then it’s also likely that you’ll be looking for the best Apple Watch Series 9 deals: And we know just the right places to find them.

The Apple Watch Series 9 is more an under-the-skin update rather than a full overhaul, but there are still some impressive new features and specs for the watch. The chip is the biggest update, with a shift to the S9 SiP, or System in Package. That’s the bit that contains the CPU, RAM, and storage, and Apple says that it’s 30% quicker than the previous version. There’s more storage too, with a boost to 64GB — double the Apple Watch Series 8. The screen is brighter as well, with a peak brightness of 2000 nits so that you can see it more easily in direct sunlight.

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