iPhone 15 Pro was pitched as the ultimate gaming handheld – but can Apple really take it to the next level?

There’s a crushing inevitability about one aspect of Apple Events. Apple wheels out a developer. [Famous AAA game] is coming to [product Apple is hawking], we’re told. It’s a new dawn for [Apple product] gaming! The game arrives. And then: crickets – until the next event, where time loops, in a slightly different way, like we’re living a phoned-in episode of Doctor Who.

This time, Apple got excited at having created “the best mobile gaming platform in the world”: the iPhone 15 Pro, with its A17 Pro chip and swanky new GPU. Clever types talked efficiency and sustained game performance. Hardware-accelerated ray-tracing! (“The best on any smartphone.”) MetalFX Upscaling for high-quality graphics while using less power! Dynamic lighting! Faster response times! Photo-realistic furrowed brows!

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