Apple offers 2 fixes for a Weather complication bug in watchOS 10

watchOS 10.0 has introduced a bug preventing weather data from showing on an Apple Watch complication, with two possible fixes offered for the issue.

Apple Watch Series 4 with the stainless steel band
A stainless steel Apple Watch | Image: Saul Flores/Unsplash

The Apple Watch’s Weather complication has stopped working for some since September’s launch of watchOS 10.0. While the Weather app displays the weather forecast and other details without issues, the complication shows nothing.

According to user complaints on the Apple Discussions forums, the bug is present in both watchOS 10.0 and watchOS 10.0.1, although it doesn’t affect all users.

Apple’s fixes for Apple Watch weather data not loading

Apple has offered two potential fixes for this bug in a new support document titled “If the Apple Watch Weather complication isn’t working.”

Solution #1: Reset your iPhone settings:

  1. Open the Settings app on your paired iPhone.
  2. Choose Privacy & Security from the main list.
  3. Touch Location Services.
  4. Scroll down and hit Weather.
  5. Under Allow Location Access, choose Never.
  6. Change location access to your original setting, like Always.

If this doesn’t resolve the issue, try the next solution.

Solution #2: Reset location and privacy settings

  • Open the Settings app on the paired iPhone.
  • Choose General from the main list.
  • Hit Transfer or Reset iPhone at the bottom.
  • Choose Reset, then Reset Location & Privacy.

You may need to enter your iPhone passcode to confirm the action. If neither solution fixes the bug, you can try toggling between 12-hour and 24-hour time formats. Some people claim to have temporarily fixed the problem with this tip.

Apple should fix the Weather compilation issue in a future watchOS 10 update.

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