Honor V Purse receives a major software update

Honor introduced the V Purse concept in early September just to launch the actual smartphone two weeks later in China. The foldable has been on sale since yesterday, but it’s already getting its first update.

The new MagicOS package is massive in size – 6.19 GB and brings safety improvements, as well as features that enrich the user experience with the screen.

Screenshot of the software update logScreenshot of the software update log

Some of the improvements include features that were advertised since Day 1. One of them is called Variety Wallet – it allows the part of the screen that folds around the back to have a wallpaper that makes the device look like an actual purse.

The smaller panel can also remind a call is incoming when the front is being used, and it can also bring up a WeChat QR code for easier money transfers. Also, the V Purse now will have a sound when the button for opening the device is pressed.

Honor V Purse
Honor V Purse
Honor V Purse

Honor V Purse

Honor V Purse is on sale in China with a starting price of CNY5,999. For the equivalent of $820, you get a foldable 7.71” OLED panel, Snapdragon 778G chipset and two cameras.

The phone impresses with a 4.3 mm thin body when unfolded, and thanks to the hinge, there is a zero gap, bringing the phone to 8.6 mm in a folded state.

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