Level up the protection for your new iPhone 15 with ESR MagSafe cases

It’s finally here! No, not sweater weather, crisp autumn leaves, and pumpkin-flavored everything—the iPhone 15! With all the excitement that the launch of a new iPhone brings, it’s probably likely you’ve already made a pros and cons list on whether you should upgrade. If you have, it is also likely that the limited lineup of accessories available for a new device at launch hit your list of cons. That doesn’t have to be an issue if you’re considering an iPhone 15, however, as ESR already has you covered.

ESR was founded in 2009 to make tech easier to use and more accessible. This goal has been realized with a lineup of Apple-certified MagSafe charging devices that unlock the full potential of rapid wireless charging while still looking aesthetically pleasing and being easy to use. MagSafe certification isn’t just something to consider when it comes to choosing a charging station, however. You’ll also want to find a case that is well-suited to protecting your smartphone without hindering its feature set.

ESR MagSafe cases with Stash Stand for the iPhone 15 can level up the protection of your phone while still letting you make the most of what it has to offer. Features like adjustable viewing angles, drop protection, and unobstructed wireless charging can be found across ESR cases. ESR cases are MagSafe-compatible and offer SGS-certified military-grade protection with or without a Stash Stand, meaning you can charge your iPhone 15 wirelessly and without obstruction while also continuing to use and view your phone from a comfortable angle. Watch whenever, MagSafe whenever.

ESR MagSafe cases

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Watch whenever, MagSafe whenever

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