Sideloadly v0.50.0 adds macOS Sonoma support, ditches Mail app plug-in, & more…

The Sideloadly team has released an updated version of their popular app sideloading tool for iPhones and iPads this week in the form of version 0.50.0, addicting full support for Apple’s new macOS 14.0 Sonoma desktop operating system and removing the dependency of the Mail app extension.

Sideloadly app icon against a black background.

The team announced the latest update in a post shared to Reddit Tuesday night, and included a lengthy change log denoting everything new in this update, included below for your viewing pleasure:

– Sideloadly no longer requires a Mail Plug-In to obtain the required anisette data. However, the Mail Plug-In option will still be available as a backup.
– Device Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) issues have been fixed so you can now login to your Apple ID without SMS 2FA.
– New & improved Remote Anisette which will work on every macOS & Windows version Sideloadly supports with no local files or anisette setup required. Patreon feature.
– Legacy Remote Anisette option has been removed in favor of the new & improved Remote Anisette feature.
– Fixed an issue where downloads would not start with URI links on macOS.
– Fixed an issue with Plug-Ins on Sideloadly URI downloads.
– Fixed an issue which would halt the sideloading process when selecting an app icon for a tvOS app.
– Added further debugging information to troubleshoot issues reported by the community.
– Various other bug fixes & improvements.

In addition to version 0.50.0, the Sideloadly team included a change log for the version 0.42.1 update, which provided the following changes:

– Sideloadly now allows you to select which app extensions/plugins to remove.
– Added a per-app setting to control when the automatic refresh is performed in hours. This option is available in Sideloadly & the daemon. Patreon only.
– Rootless (.deb) packages are now supported in tweak injection.
– Account name is now also hidden inside tweak injection.
– Fixed an issue where the Sideloadly Daemon would fail to update and would require a reinstall.
– Fixed an issue which would cause Patreon users to log out after a certain time.
– Fixed an issue where ‘Refresh All Manually’ option would not refresh Apple Silicon sideloaded apps.
– Fixed an issue where the hide information feature would fail when switching the selected device.

The Sideloadly team said that a future update will work to resolve issues reported by the community and implement JIT for iOS 17 — a feature that the AltStore team has already incorporated. Your friends at iDB will keep you apprised when this happens.

If you’re an existing Sideloadly user, then we would recommend that you update to the latest version to take advantage of all the latest features and improvements — especially support for Apple’s latest desktop firmware.

New users should, of course, download the latest version from the website to take full advantage of all the latest improvements right off the bat.

Sideloadly can be had from the URL below:

Are you running the latest version of the Sideloadly sideloading application on your Mac or PC yet? Be sure to let us know why or why not in the comments section down below.

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