Apple iPhone 15 in for review

Not everyone needs a Pro iPhone and for those that want a compact but capable daily driver, the iPhone 15 is the go-to. But the vanilla model was getting a bit repetitive these past few years.

The iPhone 15 has reinvigorated the form factor in a big way. For starters, it now has a universal port – the USB-C on the bottom opens up the iPhone to a world of universal accessories it didn’t have.

Apple iPhone 15 in for review

The other change is about bringing the base model up to speed. The Dynamic Island makes the 15 look fresh and modern, not to mention that it’s interactable, unlike the solid block that was the old notch.

Sadly the otherwise excellent OLED display is still capped at just 60Hz, and it’s noticeable. We would’ve loved a move to at least 90Hz – 60Hz robs you of the smoothness the A16 Bionic chipset would otherwise readily deliver.

Apple iPhone 15 in for review

The new iPhone 15 feels svelte and soft. Its matte body rejects fingerprints and looks pristine. The fresh colors make choosing the right iPhone for you a breeze.

The final big upgrade is the 48MP main camera. That enables a reliable 2x digital zoom option to go along with its ultrawide and wide. This isn’t as significant as an optical 3x, but it does translate to a universal 50mm, which is great, especially for portrait shots.

Apple iPhone 15 in for review

We have all four new models lined up for review and we’ll start uploading them soon, so don’t go anywhere!

Apple iPhone 15

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