Bouiles Master Max 2024 Review: A great all-rounder chair

Given the wide range of prices chairs can be, it’s hard to know how much you should be spending to make your home office/lounge/gaming setup great. The Bouiles Master Max 24, with some nice features at a low price, tries to straddle that line between too cheap and too expensive and does it admirably. 

Bouiles Master Max 2024: Price and Availability

The front of the Bouiles Master Max 2024

(Image credit: Future / James Bentley)

The Bouiles Master Max 2024 can only be bought from the Bouiles site for $499 with the Ultraflex PU upholstery coming in Black, Brown, and Blue and the Water Repellant Fabric upholstery available in Charcoal Grey, Como, Slate Blue, and Ash Grey. The Nappa Leather also comes in Black. Mine came in Como Green, which looks fantastic in person.

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