Drop Sense75 review: A mechanical keyboard that needs some work to shine

As the mechanical keyboard market widens, and more and more people opt to stick a weighty custom keyboard on their desks, the more options there are for you to choose from. This, the Sense75 from Drop, is in what has become the ‘mid-range’ price bracket of custom keyboards, with some solid features that could make it worth your time.

Before we get started, however, it’s worth noting that it’s ‘one of those’ custom keyboards that requires a little work to get it at its best. For some, this is going to be a pro, as it makes the keyboard a little more ‘hobby-like’. For those who want a keyboard that doesn’t need anything out of the box, you might want to look elsewhere.

Drop Sens75: Price and availability

Drop Sense75

(Image credit: Future)

The Drop Sense75 costs $199 from the Drop website. This is a permanent price drop, which is always helpful, making it $50 cheaper than it was at launch. That is, obviously, a fair chunk of money, but considering what other companies also charge for similar it’s a very solid option. The board is available in ‘Nightfall’ black, and ‘Polar’ white.

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