Sonos Move 2 Review: Portable sonic smarts at a premium price

With a single strum of Karl Sanders’s distorted guitar, Nile’s That Which is Forbidden reverberates around my office room — taken aback, I reconsider the sound that Bluetooth speakers are able to pump out. There has long been a first generation of HomePod in the same spot, and a surround sound setup attached to the TV that sits behind me, but nothing this size has had the impact that the Sonos Move 2 brings.

The Sonos Move 2 is the sequel to the Sonos Move, a kind of semi-portable Bluetooth speaker that’s designed as more of a moveable Hi-Fi speaker rather than a party machine on the go. The Move 2 brings a new handle design, better sonic architecture inside, and, as I rapidly discovered, some very impressive presence for something that is relatively small.

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