Samsung urges Apple to embrace RCS

Time and time again, someone urges Apple to embrace RCS and implement it into iMessage so that the green and blue bubble divide ends. The latest effort comes in the form of a 30-second clip by Samsung.

It’s a play on an Android phone chatting with an iPhone, discussing Apple’s stubbornness to support RCS in iMessage.

Google developed RCS to be a universal standard to replace SMS (and remove the need for a carrier to be involved). Since then Android as a whole has been trying to get Apple to allow RCS into iMessage. But of course that would mean Apple giving up on a big roadblock to iPhone users coming to Android – iMessage being iPhone-exclusive. As you’d expect Apple isn’t inclined to oblige.

At this point it would likely take some sort of regulatory ruling similar to the EU making USB-C mandatory for Apple to adopt RCS.


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