Xiaomi delivers 13T series sans the Leica cameras in some markets

When it announced the Xiaomi 13T and 13T Pro the company went to great lengths to hype their Leica-tuned cameras and for good reason as we found out. Except the phones will miss on the Leica branding and tailored camera modes in certain markets. A reader of ours noticed the Chilean and Nigerian markets are among the unlucky ones. Certain regions are yet to get the phones so the list might expand too.

Non-Leica Xiaomi 13T series spotted in some markets

The Leica goodies are not limited to just lenses, there are a handful of software functionalities as well. For instance, the default Camera app offers two main styles of shooting – Leica Vibrant and Leica Authentic, just like the higher-end Xiaomi 13, 13 Pro and 13 Ultra. There are a handful of Portrait mode-related optimizations as well.

One would assume that this would bring down the price of both handsets in the said countries, but this isn’t the case. We did a quick market research and found both devices to be selling for about the same price as their Leica-enabled counterparts in Europe. The Xiaomi 13T can be found for a little over €600-equivalent, while the 13T Pro sells for around €800-equivalent in both Chile and Nigeria.

We don’t know the reason behind this move – it may be due to some market restrictions or a clause in the Xiaomi-Leica agreement that doesn’t allow the smartphone maker to release Leica-branded products in some markets. We are hoping Xiaomi will step in and explain this.

Thanks, Jack for the tip!

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