You’d have to be an idiot to buy these awful Apple Watch clones in the Amazon sale

Amazon is a great place to pick up some Apple products with a hearty discount, notably the Apple Watch, which is down to some great low prices in the Big Deal Days event. The best Apple Watch deals right now will get you a brand new Apple Watch Ultra 2 for $50 off, despite it only being a couple of weeks old. 

But there’s something more sinister going on at Amazon that really bothers me, I’m talking about the reems of Apple Watch clones that promise the earth for pennies and can’t possibly deliver. If you search for smartwatches right now in the Big Deal Days sale, you’ll see what might literally be hundreds of smartwatch knock-offs. The craziest thing is that some of them have thousands of reviews, and some of them are good. Take, for instance, this SKG… thing… Even the product title: « SKG Smart Watch for Men Women Android iPhone » screams wrong. We’re supposed to believe this smartwatch has built-in Alexa, a fitness tracker, a Blood Oxygen Monitor, IP68 waterproofing, and more, yet it only costs $59. Some of the display elements, like the workout icons and heart rate tracking, are almost carbon copies of Apple’s watchOS software.

fake watches

(Image credit: Future)

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