Discover Card adding ability to view credit card balance & transaction history in Apple Wallet app

Discover Card appears to be stepping up its support for a convenient new feature in the Apple Wallet app as of iOS 17.1 beta 3, which is available for developers to test on their devices starting Tuesday.

Apple Pay Discover Credit Card.

A great new feature for iPhone users

As first reported by 9to5Mac, the new feature allows users to see their credit card’s current balance and transaction history right from the convenience of their Apple Wallet app as opposed to having to open the third-party Discover Card app to accomplish the same task.

As it would seem, Discover Card holders who want to see their transaction history in the Apple Wallet app can do so by tapping on their credit card in the Apple Wallet app and then using the “See Balances and Full Transaction History for This Account” button. Following the on-screen prompts to authenticate yourself will bring up your credit card’s transaction history.

To access this feature, users will need to have their Discover Card added to Apple Pay. If it isn’t yet added, the good news is that it’s easy to add before getting started.

While viewing transaction records can now be done in the Apple Wallet app itself, it’s worth noting that users are still going to want the official Discover Card app installed. That’s because tapping on individual transactions in the Apple Wallet app will jolt users over to the Discover Card app, if installed, or to the Discover Card website if it isn’t.

Privacy-focused individuals will also be happy to know that Apple doesn’t store any of your transaction records. That information is kept squarely between you and your credit card issuer – in this case Discover Card, and likely other credit cards as they begin rolling out support for this feature for more of them.

Signing up for Discover

Anyone who doesn’t already have a Discover credit card can apply for one in a few simple steps. Applying via our special link gets you a $100 bonus as long as you use your new Discover credit card to make a purchase within three months of activating.

I have long advocated for Discover credit cards to my friends and family because they’re one of the easiest issuers to deal with whenever a problem occurs. You will always find friendly customer service around every corner, based out of their Salt Lake City, Utah headquarters. And best of all, Discover credit cards provide revolving 5% cash back reward opportunities every quarter. The next batch of rewards include purchases made via major outlets that you’re sure to use this holiday season, including Amazon and Target.

Are you excited about the major new changes coming to Discover credit cards in the Apple Wallet app with iOS 17.1? Let us know why or why not in the comments section down below.

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