Love health tracking, but hate smartwatches? Squeeze fitness data into an analog watch face with up to $60 off a Withings smartwatch

Apple Watches are great — they are do everything, be everything smart watches with glorious color screens and digital interfaces. But what if you are too attached to the idea of an analog watch, one that gives you the time with a simple glance, one with fewer gadgets inside to go wrong? What if, in addition to this need for a watch face with real hands, you still want a smarter watch, one that can give more data than just the time?

You’re in luck — the Withings smart watch range does just that. They are lovely, understated watches with hands, and dials, plus a small screen that shows heart rate and other data at the push of a button. Their batteries average 30 days on a single charge, and they are nice and slim if you want something to slip up a shirt sleeve easily. They are the best of both worlds — and you can currently save up to $60 on one in the Amazon Prime Big Deal Days sale.

A different kind of smart watch, now with big savings

The old faithful is still there

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