My HomeKit Air Purifier has eliminated dust around my toy collection, and made my lungs a whole lot clearer — here’s how to get one with a massive discount

I, just like many who grew up watching cartoons about robots in the early 2000s, have a massive toy collection. I won’t bore you with the details, only that it is extensive, takes up inordinate amounts of space, and has an incredibly annoying habit of getting absolutely smothered in dust. The selection of figures, plastic robots, and starships seems, in fact, to suck dust out of the air from the other side of the world, layering the stuff on top of the various decidedly difficult-to-clean sculpted surfaces, doomed to live there until the heat death of the universe.

I am also asthmatic, so the dust-collecting ability of my collection only serves to make life a little trickier every day. I work in the same room where my collection resides, and so I find myself breathing in all the horrible particles that they collect and subsequently occasionally pump out. Not. Fun.

The fix

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