Photoshop, Illustrator, Express gain new Adobe generative AI perks

Photoshop, Illustrator and Express now use the latest image, vector and design models in Adobe’s Firefly generative artificial intelligence (AI).

Generative AI in Adobe Firefly used to create an image of a woman emerging from an explosion of marshmallows
Firefly is safe for commercial use | Image: Adobe

The company announced new Firefly capabilities at the annual MAX conference, including generative fill in Photoshop and the ability to leverage AI to create vector graphics in Illustrator and design templates in Express.

The updated Firefly uses the latest Image 2 model to generate content safe for commercial use, with prompt guidance helping you refine suggestions. Firefly is built into apps like Photoshop, and available  for free at

Generative fill in Photoshop

Firefly in Photoshop offers better colors, improved dynamic range and enhanced human rendering with higher-quality skin, hair, eyes, hands and body structure.

Using a text prompt in Adobe Firefly to create an image of a surprised boy
Surprised? Don’t be, this is AI! | Image: Adobe

The same refreshed image model now also powers the generative AI fill feature in Photoshop, which magically fills in gaps in your images. Generative fill expands the list of generative AI features in Photoshop, which also includes the Generative Expand feature for extending an image beyond its original bounds, and many more.

A vector model in Illustrator

Using AI prompts to create vector graphics in Adobe Illustrator
AI can now create vectors in Illustrator | Image: Adobe

Adobe calls Firefly Vector Model “the world’s first generative AI model focused on producing vector graphics.” Accessible in Illustrator, it enables you to leverage descriptive prompts in more than 100 languages to create vector illustrations such as brand logos, product packaging, website designs, app icons and more.

You can easily refine AI vectors, edit them fully in Illustrator and even match the visual style to your artboard. The new image model is trained on Adobe Stock, licensed content and public domain content where the copyright has expired. There are also new paid plans that include an allocation of “fast” Generative Credits.

A design model in Express

Creating posts and flyers in Adobe Express with AI prompts
Create cool posters with text prompts | Image: Adobe

In addition, Firefly has gained a design model that lets it create all sorts of marketing materials like social media posts for all popular aspect ratios. You can edit these generative AI templates for print, social and web advertising in Adobe Express.

Firefly-powered generative fill is also available in the Express app, so you can use text prompts to insert, remove or replace image components. Adobe says Firefly is among the fastest-growing products in its history, with a 55 percent quarter-over-quarter increase in active monthly users.

Other Creative Cloud enhancements

Aside from the three new generative AI models, Adobe has rolled out other AI-driven improvements across the Creative Cloud suite.

Some of them include a Lightroom feature that adds an aesthetic blur effect to photos, a Mockup feature in Illustrator for product staging, plus direct publishing of videos to TikTok, YouTube and Facebook in Premiere Pro and Express.

Firefly has seen over 3 billion user-generated images so far, becoming “the most popular AI image generation model designed for safe commercial use.” Also, 90 percent of people who use the Firefly web app are new to Adobe.

How to get the new Firefly AI features

Adobe has rolled out the above improvements to all Creative Cloud subscribers. If Creative Cloud is set to automatically update itself, you should already have them. If not, launch the Creative Cloud app, click Apps in the sidebar and select Updates.

For further information, visit the Adobe’s MAX page.

Adobe and Apple are among the companies that banded together to enhance and turn Pixar’s OpenUSD format for 3D scene description into an international standard.

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