JLab JBuds Mini review: Tiny, affordable earbuds for ants pack more punch than you’d expect

Is bigger always better? Nope, according to JLab, makers of many a pair of true wireless headphones. Its new JLab JBuds Mini earbuds are positively pint-sized, aimed at those with smaller ears and even smaller pockets — both literally, in terms of fit, and metaphorically, in terms of how full of cash they are.

They’re not perfect, but there’s an undeniable charm to the miniature package, and it’s hard to argue against the appeal of the JLab JBuds Mini’s tiny price tag, too. If you love the idea of miniature buds, these make for a genuine AirPods alternative to consider.

JLab JBuds Mini true wireless headphones on a book and technical mat, with hand and AirPods for comparison.

(Image credit: Gerald Lynch / Future)

JLab JBuds Mini: Price and Availability

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