Nomad’s new slim power adapters easily slip into travel bag pockets & fit behind couches Nomad Slim Power Adapter

Our friends at Nomad have always been particularly good when it comes to power adapters, generally offering high-power and compact options that can power even the thirstiest Apple laptops or the lightest power-sipping devices such as iPhones and AirPods.

Nomad slim power adapters.

But today, the company is out with something new that we are especially excited about, and that’s their new slim power adapters, which are exactly what they sound like – ultra compact, slim, and travel bag-friendly power adapters with folding power prongs.

Nomad Slim Power Adapter in use.

Available in both 35W and 65W flavors, Nomad’s new slim power adapters utilize Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology to achieve their compact footprint while still delivering great charging capability. They’re so thin that they can slip into any pocket in your bag. This is especially useful for camera bags where you’re trying to fit so much gear into a tight place.

The 65W version of Nomad’s slim power adapter lends more than enough juice to charge most Apple laptops and keep even the biggest ones powered during light-to-moderate use. It boasts dual-USB-C ports, the left of which is the high-power port that can deliver 45W of power to charge your larger USB-C devices, while the right delivers 20W of power for your iPhone or other smaller device. If you’re only using a single port, then either port will deliver the full 65W of power.

Nomad Slim Power Adapter 65W version.

The 35W version of Nomad’s slim power adapter is better for smaller device users, and it’s more compact than the 65W version too. This version only packs a single power port that delivers the full 35W of charging power, but it’s a versatile charge speed that works great for smaller laptops, iPads, and your iPhone. I should also add that since I pack a USB-C-powered camera body, I plan to keep one of these as a means to charge it.

Nomad Slim Power Adapter 35W version.

I like the way that these types of power adapters are designed, especially since the cables run flat against the wall instead of sticking out. For this reason, even if you don’t plan to travel with it, it makes a good behind-the-couch power adapter that won’t ruin your cable ends from the couch jarring up against the wall.

Not only does this product look good, but in a typical Nomad fashion, it’s also build very well. The GaN internals are three times more efficient than silicon-based alternatives, and the brand has taken every step necessary to reduce heat output with a special thermal compound.

To get a Nomad slim power adapter of your own, you should head on over to Nomad’s website where they’re already available for sale and shipping within just 2-3 days.

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