T-Mobile will soon begin forced migration of certain older cellular plans to newer ones

Certain T-Mobile customers will be automatically migrated to newer cellular plans in the near future as the bleeding magenta “un-carrier” has decided to try phasing out those using older and less profitable cellular plans.

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Citing a Reddit post shared to /r/tmobile, the forced migration will affect those who are currently subscribed to the following cellular plans:

  • Magenta (will be switched to Go5G)
  • One (will be switched to Go5G)
  • Simple Choice / Select Choice (will be switched to Magenta or Essentials Select)
  • Simple Choice Business (will be switched to Business Unlimited Advanced)

As you can see for yourself, T-Mobile is basing the plan users are migrated to on the plan they’re currently subscribed to. So while a Magenta subscriber may be switched to Go5G (one of the newest plans), the irony is that someone using an older Simple Choice or Select Choice plan may be bumped up to the now deprecated Magenta plan.

It’s worth noting that free lines attached to any account are expected to stay free for those subscribers.

These changes, expected to take place in November, will start being communicated with customers via email and SMS starting on October 17th.

So is there anything that you can do if you don’t want to be automatically switched and your bill increased? Actually, yes.

According to the Reddit post, users may begin voluntarily opting out of the plan migration by calling T-Mobile customer support in or after October 17th. Some users have reportedly started opting out as soon as this week.

Affected customers are advised to dial 611 and ask the care representative about opting out with the feature code “GRNOPTOUT” being applied to the migrating account. This will prevent the migration from taking place.

Some users may be okay with the forced migration, and while it’s possible to bite into any price hikes by signing up for auto-pay, T-Mobile now only allows auto-pay for those who pay with a bank account or debit card, and many people don’t trust the T-Mobile to keep their information safe given the high number of data breaches the company has suffered lately.

Anyone looking to switch from their current carrier to one of T-Mobile’s cellular plans can head to the company’s websitetoday. They offer a range of unlimited data plans and offer exciting perks like Netflix included, discounts and free items every Tuesday among other things.

Are you an affected T-Mobile customer? And if so, what do you plan to do? Be sure to let us know in the comments section down below.

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