Apple Pencil 3 with changeable magnetic tips coming this week

A report from last week suggested that Apple will announce new iPads tomorrow – October 17 – but it’s now looking likelier that Apple will unveil the Pencil 3 instead.

Per the report by Japanese MacOTAKARA, backing earlier information by Majin Bu, the new Apple Pencil 3 will have magnetic interchangeable pen tips, suited for different purposes like drawing and painting.

Not new iPads but  Apple Pencil 3 with changeable magnetic tips is coming

The earlier report suggested that Apple will bring new silicon to mostly unchanged iPad Air, base iPad, and iPad mini. The Air would gain an M2 chip, while the mini would pack an A16 Bionic. Also, Apple will reportedly address the « jelly scrolling » issue on current iPad minis – the issue that makes content appear choppy.

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