Apple Store launches in Chile as iPhone 15 readies for pre-order

As planned, Apple launched the online Apple Store in Chile on Monday, October 16th, providing a storefront for customers in this region to browse and purchase the company’s products.

Apple Store in Chile.

This major shift means that now Chile’s citizens can purchase from Apple directly instead of getting Apple products from third-parties. Apple does not currently have any physical retail stores in Chile.

Apple announced its plans to open the online Apple Store in Chile last week, so this news shouldn’t come as much a surprise unless you hadn’t heard anything about it.

It’s worth noting that alongside the online Apple Store launching in Chile today, prospective customers in the region may begin pre-ordering iPhone 15 & 15 Pro models starting this Friday, October 20th:

iPhone 15 Pro pre-order in Chile.

By expanding its presence in Chile, and perhaps to other countries in the future, Apple positions itself to sell more units than it did previously and increase its profitability — especially as it moves to establish itself as  a first-party retailer as opposed to relying only on third-party sellers.

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