Cheaper Vision Pro could still cost you from $1,500 to $2,500

A more affordable version of Apple’s Vision Pro headset could cost between $1,500 and $2,500, a price that the vast majority of consumers may still deem too high.

Apple hasn’t even launched its $3500 mixed-reality headset (it’s coming in “early 2024), and already the company is working on next-generation models.

Among them is allegedly a cheaper Vision Pro model rumored to use lower-cost hardware components to help bring the price down, including sub-4K screens and an iPhone-class silicon instead of the M2 chip made for the Mac.

But even a cheaper Vision Pro might be out of reach of consumers, most of whom are unconvinced about the need for a sophisticated augmented reality headset.

Cheaper Vision Pro could still be too expensive

According to a new report, Apple’s executive team has discussed internally pricing such a device somewhere between $1,500 and $2,500.

Mark Gurman reported on Bloomberg such a device might drop its EyeSight external display that shows a user’s digital eyes to the outside world to reduce isolation. A “budget” Vision Pro might use fewer external cameras and sensors, as per Gurman.

Apple is believed to be working on both low-end and high-end headsets.

Regarding the high-end second-generation version of the Vision Pro, Gurman says it should pack all the features of the original model in a smaller, lighter headset.

Many reviewers said the headset felt a bit heavy after 30 minutes of use; some even complained about neck pain after an hour of wearing the headset.

“The company is also looking to integrate prescription lenses directly into the device, simplifying the design,” Gurman noted. This contrasts with the first Vision Pro, which uses Zeiss lens inserts that attach to the screens magnetically.

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