Jailbreak tweak ports iOS 17 StandBy Mode to iPads

StandBy Mode is a feature for MagSafe-equipped iPhones that allows a user to mount their handset sideways on a MagSafe charging stand to reveal informative widgets via the always-on display any time you’re in the vicinity of your charging iPhone.

StandPad ports StandBy mode to certain jailbreakable iPadOS 17 devices.

In a typical jailbreak community fashion, however, a dedicated developer is now attempting to port this new iOS 17 feature to an unsupported device type — namely iPads that run iPadOS 17.

The project, dubbed StandPad by iOS developer pookjw (also known as crispypotatofly on X) is now available for developers to test on GitHub.

Currently, the jailbreak tweak enables the StandBy Mode feature on select iPads while charging and brings up a black display with the current charging status, as shown below:

StandPad shows charging status.

The known issue at this time is that widgets aren’t populating like they do on the iPhone, so it’s understandable that the tweak is intended for developers only at this time. Once resolved, this should be a popular add-on for everyone.

It’s also important to note that only a small subset of iPads running iPadOS 17 can be jailbroken right now. Specifically, arm64 models that are vulnerable to the checkm8 bootrom exploit that is utilized by the palera1n jailbreak. We discuss jailbreakable iPadOS 17 models in a separate post.

If you’re sporting a jailbreakable iPadOS 17 device and would like to test or learn more about the new StandPad jailbreak tweak, then you can head over to the developer’s GitHub page to download it to to see more about it.

Are you excited about the possibility of bringing iOS 17’s StandBy Mode to older and unsupported devices? Be sure to let us know in the comments section down below.

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