mophie unveils snap+ juice pack mini with integrated kickstand

Taking your iPhone with you on a long trip? Well what kind of question would that be — you would probably take your phone everywhere you go, which means you should probably prepare for keeping it charged as you go.

mophie snap+ juice pack mini with stand.

Our friends at mophie are coming out with an all-new product called the snap+ juice pack mini with stand, and it’s essentially a magnetic battery pack for the iPhone 12 and newer (MagSafe-compatible) that features a built-in stand for propping your device up on a desk.

The battery pack utilizes Qi wireless charging technology to give your iPhone a charge at 7.5W, which isn’t as impressive as a MagSafe-integrated 15W charger, but what you lose in charging speed is made up for in slimness.

The internal 5,000mAh battery in mophie’s snap+ juice pack mini with stand is large enough to charge an iPhone up one full time before needing to be recharged.

mophie snap+ juice pack mini with stand and iPhone in frame.

It’s worth noting that the battery is also compatible with your other MagSafe devices, such as AirPods and AirPods Pro (If they have a wireless charging case), and that Qi-enabled devices are also compatible, albeit without the satisfying automatic magnetic alignment.

If you’re wanting to use the mophie snap+ juice pack mini with stand via a wired connection, you’re covered. The USB-C port can take in up to 20W to charge the battery, and output up to 12W to charge a connected device.

USB-C port on mophie snap+ juice pack mini with stand.

My favorite aspect about this battery would have to be how it incorporates a kickstand. Every time I stay at a hotel, I wish that my iPhone would be propped up on my bedside as opposed to sitting face up or face down. That means that this battery pack works like a portable stand as well as a charger — perfect for movies.

For those interested, mophie says the snap+ juice pack mini with stand is available for pre-order for $59.95 from Zagg’s website and will be available starting in October alongside the new 3-in-1 Extendable Stand with MagSafe that we showed you just under two weeks ago.

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