iOS 17.1 brings back your purchased iPhone ringtones

iOS 17.1 fixes a bug that prevented iPhone owners from customizing text alerts, mail notifications and more using custom ringtones purchased from the iTunes Store.

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Apple states in the official release notes that the update “addresses an issue where custom and purchased ringtones may not appear as options for your text tone.” So, if your purchased ringtones are unavailable, they should magically re-appear once you install Apple’s update. iOS 17.1 should launch publicly on October 24.

iOS 17.1 brings back your purchased ringtones

Following the launch of iOS 17.0, people noticed that the text tones they purchased from the iTunes Store went missing.

These tones are supposed to be listed alongside built-in ringtones when choosing notification tones for texts, emails, voicemail, calendars and reminders in Settings > Sound & Haptics. But people who previously purchased ringtones found them missing after updating their iPhones to iOS 17.0.

In iOS 17.1, purchased ringtones show up in Settings > Sound & Haptics > Ringtone. As for the Text Tone, New Voicemail, New Mail, Sent Mail, Calendar Alerts and Reminder Alerts sections, any purchased ringtones should be listed in the Ringtones section right below the built-in tones.

If not, tell iOS to re-download them by choosing Download All Purchased Ringtones near the top. You can also set purchased ringtones and message tones to any contact stored in the Contacts app by choosing Ringtone or Text Tone when editing a contact.

Apple’s support document shows more about buying ringtones from the iTunes Store.

What else does iOS 17.1 fix?

iOS 17.1 includes half a dozen fixes for prominent bugs that are annoying people. iPhone 15 owners complaining about severe screen burn-in will be happy to know that iOS 17.1 fixes an image retention bug that has prevented software mitigations for OLED burn-in from working correctly.

Parents who monitor the usage of their kids’ devices via the Screen Time feature will be happy to learn that iOS 17.1 will no longer reset their Screen Time settings or cause them to fail to sync across devices.

An issue that could cause the Significant Location privacy setting to reset when transferring an Apple Watch or pairing it for the first time has also been fixed. iOS 17.1 also fixes unresponsive keyboards and squishes a bug, causing the names of incoming callers to not appear when you’re on another call.

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