Original Google Pixel Watch is now receiving Wear OS 4 update

Google’s recently unveiled Pixel Watch 2 has been running the new Wear OS 4 from the get-go, and now it’s finally time for its predecessor to join the Wear OS 4 party. Starting today, Google is sending out the update to Wear OS 4 to the original Pixel Watch from last year, which has so far been running Wear OS 3.5.

As usual with Google software updates, the rollout is phased and it could take weeks for it to reach all units out there. The new build number, for all Pixel Watches globally, is TWD4.2301005.002.

Original Google Pixel Watch is now receiving Wear OS 4 update

Wear OS 4 comes with support for transferring your watch to a new phone when you switch, without having to perform a factory reset. Conversely, the new Backup and restore function helps you securely backup your data and settings from an old Pixel Watch and restore to a new Pixel Watch if you switch wearables and not phones.

There’s also a new Google Calendar app, a new text-to-speech engine for a more reliable TalkBack experience, enhanced notifications with smart link recognition of phone numbers and addresses and embedded media previews, and new safety features: Safety Check, Emergency Sharing, and Emergency Info on your Pixel Watch.


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