Withings BPM Core: The ultimate smart blood pressure monitor

There are thousands of blood pressure monitors available online, and some doctors even give them away for free to those who need constant monitoring. Enter the Withings BPM Core, a smart blood pressure monitor that also records heart rate, an accurate ECG, and has a digital stethoscope built in. But does the Withings BPM Core do enough to warrant a purchase over more basic blood pressure monitors? And does recording your blood pressure with an app really make all that much of a difference? Let’s find out.

Withings BPM Core: Price and availability

Withings BPM Core

(Image credit: Future)

At the time of writing, the Withings BPM Core is listed as coming soon in the United States. You can head to the Withings website and register your interest for when the product becomes available. Priced at $249.95/£229.95, the BPM Core is currently available for purchase in the UK from Amazon and the Withings website. 

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