Total War: PHARAOH on Mac: Performance test

I’ve played every Total War game since time immemorial, almost. I’m too young to have played the really old games like the original Shogun, but Rome: Total War was the first video game I ever bought, my favorite game of all time to this day, and the reason I think about the Roman Empire on a (more than) daily basis. 

With that in mind, you can imagine how excited I was to get my hands on the latest game in the Total War saga, Pharaoh, and play it on a Mac as part of my job. The old Total War games, notably Rome and Medieval, are playable on iPhone and iPad. For years, Creative Assembly’s games have suffered in the doldrums every other Mac game has, but now thanks to the good people of Feral Interactive, the latest in the series has a fully-fledged macOS version that’s not only compatible but optimized for Apple silicon. As such, they’re charging AAA money, $60 on Steam or the Feral Store. But is your hard-earned cash worth it? Can you actually play this game on a Mac and enjoy it?

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