YouTube Music is now officially supported on Apple HomePod

Before you head on to the comment section to inform us that playing music from YouTube Music on Apple HomePod has already been possible for a while now – we know. That is kind of the case since the ability to cast audio from the app to a HomePod device is indeed already a thing you can do.

YouTube Music is now officially supported on Apple HomePod

The YouTube Music product team recently announced deeper integration with HomePod and its voice commands in particular. Now Premium and Music Premium subscribers can just integrate YouTube Music as a playback service inside HomePod. This enables voice commands such as « Hey Siri, play music on YouTube Music ». Your phone no longer needs to be involved in the playback process at all.

In order to get the integration working, you need to, as mentioned, be a Premium or Music Premium subscriber. Download the latest YouTube Music app and go to Settings > Connected Apps > Connect with HomePod. If YouTube Music is your preferred streaming service of choice, you can also set it as default for your HomePod. This is done through the Home app (on your iOS device) > Settings > Tap username > Tap Default Service and choose YouTube Music. After that, you can just use short commands like « Hey Siri, play music » without specifying « on YouTube Music ».

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