Jailbreak news of the week of October 22nd, 2023

The iDB team has worked hard this week to bring you the latest iPhone hacking and jailbreaking news as it happened, but if you missed any of that because of your busy life, then you can refer to today’s roundup post to see what’s happening.

Weekly jailbreak news roundup.

In this piece, we’ll discuss all the latest developments and jailbreak tweak releases between Monday, October 16th and Sunday, October 22nd. So be sure to follow along to get current on the latest.

Important stuff from this week

Apple to auto-update sealed iPhones in-store

iPhone 15 Pro packaging render.
Image Credit: Supercharged

Apple appears to be gearing up to deploy a new technology that can automatically update the firmware of sealed iPhones and iPads to the latest version without opening the retail box.

The device is a pad-like contraption that the store employee then places the device on top of, and it turns the device on, updates it, and then turns it back off again.

You can learn more about the possible ramifications for jailbreakers in our full news post.

Dopamine v1.1.9 update

Dopamine jailbreak icon banner.

The Dopamine jailbreak for arm64e devices running iOS & iPadOS 15.0-15.4.1 was updated to version 1.1.9 on Friday with bug fixes and improvements.

This update, likely the last until the upcoming version 2.0 update, also includes a beta build that uses the kfd exploit instead of oobPCI.

You can learn more about all of this in our full news post.

RootHide v1.0.5 Update

RootHide jailbreak detection bypass.

The RootHide jailbreak detection bypass for the Dopamine jailbreak for arm64e devices running iOS & iPadOS 15.0-15.4.1 was updated on Friday to version 1.0.5 with a ton of user experience-focused improvements.

This jailbreak detection bypass prevents apps from being able to determine whether you’re jailbroken or not and then putting up a wall to prevent usage until you restore your device.

You can learn more about the latest version of RootHide and where you can get it from in our full news post.

KillYourApps App Switcher management

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KillYourApps is a new pragmatic approach to managing the contents of your App Switcher to prevent issues such as background app tracking and privacy leaks from sensitive apps.

With it, you can configure timed force-closures of apps, immediately force-close apps that you leave, or force-close apps after locking your device. You can also whitelist certain apps or prevent Now Playing media apps from being disturbed.

Far more than just a simple force-close button jailbreak, this one has some steam behind it. Be sure to check it out in our full review post.

An attempt to port StandBy Mode to iPads

StandPad ports StandBy mode to certain jailbreakable iPadOS 17 devices.

A jailbreak tweak developer has started the process of porting iOS 17’s new StandBy Mode feature to iPadOS 17 devices that can be jailbroken by way of palera1n.

The new StandPad jailbreak tweak is currently available for developer testing since it doesn’t fully work yet, but there is hope that it can be completed to bring this useful features to iPads for people who use them as control hubs at home.

You can learn more about StandPad and where it can be obtained from in our full review post.

Everything else from this week

YourDismissedTY: Adds a cancel button to most pop-up prompts displayed to end users on iPhones (free via YouRepo repository — review post)

You’ve reached the bottom of this week’s roundup, but since we make one of these posts every Sunday, we’ll be right back again next weekend with a roundup just like this one that discusses the content we’re about to show you all week long.

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