Independent developer unleashes unofficial Taurine jailbreak with improved kfd exploit reliability on M1 iPad Pros

The Taurine jailbreak is a work of the Odyssey Team that supports most iPhones and iPads running iOS & iPadOS 14.0-14.8.1, but as some M1 chip-equipped iPad Pro owners have pointed out, getting the jailbreak to work on those devices has been something of a struggle.

M1 iPad Pro 11-inch Taurine kfd exploit jailbreak.

Soon after a user by the name of Michael (@MasterMike88 on X, formerly Twitter) got ahold of a brand-new M1 chip-equipped 11-inch iPad Pro running iPadOS 14.6, it became his raison d’être to get Taurine working as reliably as possible on the device.

That brings us to the latest development which appears to be Michael taking to /r/jailbreak to share what seems to be a modified build of Taurine that had been tailored especially for M1 chip-equipped iPad Pro models to make the kfd exploit more reliable.

In the screenshot example above, shared by Michael on X, we can see that his new-to-him 11-inch iPad Pro with the M1 chip has been jailbroken successfully and is running the Sileo package manager app.

As this is isn’t an official Odyssey Team release, it obvious comes with the standard ‘use at your own risk’ warning, and Michael himself says that while the exploit is tons more reliable for M1 chip-equipped iPad Pro models now, it’s still not 100% effective and may take a few tries.

On the other hand, the enhanced reliability comes at a slightly hairy cost: the exploit process takes sometimes more than three minutes to complete and the process used to make the exploit more reliable eats up almost 4GB of device memory (RAM) during the jailbreak process.

The reason why this happens, in addition to more information about this modified Taurine build, can be found in the /r/jailbreak post along with the GitHub page.

Since the workarounds to make kfd more reliable for M1 chip-equipped iPad Pro models is somewhat hacky, Michael warns that using this modified build on any other device besides an M1 chip-equipped iPad Pro would be bad and wouldn’t result in the expected result.

A pull request is apparently open for the mainline Taurine GitHub repository nonetheless, and it will be interesting to see whether the Odyssey Team builds upon the improved M1 chip-equipped iPad Pro support for the official build at any point in the future.

While there are probably mixed opinions about using unofficial Taurine releases, and we can’t recommend using them for obvious reasons, the fact that people are out there trying to enhance older jailbreaks to this very day is still a very wonderful thing for everyone who still uses them.

You can learn more about how to install the official Taurine jailbreak in our step-by-step tutorial post. Installing this unofficial build should be greatly the same process.

Are you excited to see what becomes of this unofficial build or if it helps facilitate an enhanced official build in the future? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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