iPhone 15 Pro vs Pixel 8 Pro: Which should you buy?

At least once every time the Earth rotates around the sun, Apple and Google announce new phones. Some of those phones are better than others, but they always come. And 2023 was no different with the iPhone 15 Pro and Pixel 8 Pro joining the iPhone 15 and Pixel 8 as the latest and greatest models on the market, 

But while expectations are always high when a new phone arrives, it’s the range-topping iPhone 15 Pro and Pixel 8 Pro that have the highest expectations of all. They represent the best that the two companies can do (if you take foldable out of the equation because, well, Apple still doesn’t have one.) But which one is better? That’s always going to be a largely subjective thing, but that isn’t going to stop us from discussing the objective things — specifications and capabilities.

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