Apple’s App Store hosting ‘Sweets Bonanza’ casino scam advertised with MrBeast deepfake

An iOS App Store title by the name of “Sweets Bonanza”, posing under the guise of a dietary app designed to stop you from eating sugar, is actually just a front for a casino gambling app that’s being advertised using a MrBeast deepfake on Instagram.

iMore was tipped off to the app by a colleague who repeatedly saw an Instagram advert for a MrBeast-backed iOS game. The aforementioned Sweets Bonanza is showing on Instagram in user feeds and between reels, as well as stories. It features a voice-over of MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, doctored from his appearance on the YouTube podcast “The Iced Coffee Hour.” In the video, he lists MrBeast Burger, Feastables, his MrBeast channel, and more as ventures before a haunting AI voice states “we built this app, Sweets Bonanza where everyone can win a minimum of a thousand dollars.” The interview then “asks” Donaldson what his main source of income says, to which the deepfake replies “I’m choosing Sweets Bonanza because it not only brings me a lot of income but also helps a lot of people alive.” The advert goes on to say people have won more than $100,000 in the last month, before encouraging people to download. In the video, MrBeast’s voice has a strange robotic tinge to it, meaning this has likely been manufactured using technology. “Helps a lot of people alive” is also a dead giveaway. You can see the video we were presented below:

Scams Bonanza

Sweets Bonanza

(Image credit: iMore)

The app listing says Sweets Bonanza “is your sweet tooth’s new best friend” and is describes it as the “ultimate tool for curbing sugar consumption and embracing a healthier lifestyle. This clever app combines real-time sugar tracking and AI-powered recommendations to help you keep your sweet tooth in check. It’s like having a personal nutrition coach in your pocket.”

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