Dopamine jailbreak updated to version 1.1.10 with more bug fixes

Dopamine jailbreak lead developer Lars Fröder released another new update to the iOS & iPadOS 15.0-15.4.1 jailbreak tool for arm64e (A12-A15) devices on Tuesday despite comments about the previous update likely being the last for a while.

Dopamine promo image.

The latest version, dubbed Dopamine version 1.1.10, was announced via a post shared to X (formerly Twitter) and appears to incorporate the following changes:

– Fix an issue where on some devices launchd would get killed by jetsam during the initial userspace reboot, resulting in a kernel panic (1.1.3 regression)
– Fix an issue where under some super rare circumstances some incorrect code path could invoke the functionality of the “Hide Jailbreak” button without it being pressed
– Fix a minuscule and rare memory leak

The latest version is recommended for all current Dopamine jailbreak users and can be installed over the air (OTA) via the jailbreak app itself:

Dopamine version 1.1.10 update.

Alternatively, you can update manually by visiting the GitHub page, downloading the latest .tipa file, and perma-signing it with TrollStore over your existing installation.

Anyone that isn’t already taking advantage of Dopamine who would like to start can follow our step-by-step tutorial for acquiring and installing the Dopamine jailbreak.

A second .tipa file is also available on the GitHub page that is actually a beta version of what’s to come — that is, replacing oobPCI with the kfd exploit and adding support for iOS & iPadOS 15.5 beta 1-beta 3. This is very early beta release and is only recommended for developers at this time.

Note that while Dopamine is a semi-untethered jailbreak, the nature of being perma-signed means that it remains signed on your device indefinitely and you’ll never need a computer to reinstall the jailbreak. It’s also a rootless jailbreak, which means it’s designed to work with rootless jailbreak tweaks.

Are you taking advantage of the latest version of the Dopamine jailbreak tool yet? Be sure to let us know why or why not in the comments section down below.

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