How to customize Smart Stacks on watchOS 10

Found yourself waking up to a shiny new Watch interface? It’s probably because your Apple Watch has automatically updated to watchOS 10 overnight. One of those major changes is the introduction of the Smart Stack, which is a brand new widget hub, allowing you to display certain apps or information without having to go into the watch apps list.

It’s a pretty great little feature, but there’s a chance you may have opened it by accident. If you’re wondering how to access and customize your Smart Stack, here’s everything you should know. 

How to use Smart Stacks on watchOS 10

Giving you the ability to look at your own custom widgets and swap between apps with a simple swipe, the Smart Stack function is well… smart. Here’s how to use it:

Smart Stacks on watchOS 10

(Image credit: Future)
  1. Turn on your display by lifting your wrist or by clicking the crown
  2. Swipe up from the bottom of the display

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