RootHide users should update to the latest Sileo build & share analytics to help update more jailbreak tweaks

If you’re taking advantage of the RootHide jailbreak detection bypass for the Dopamine jailbreak on an A12-A15 device running iOS or iPadOS 15.0-15.4.1 and you also depend on Sileo as your package manager app, then we would strongly recommend opening Sileo and refreshing your sources this morning.

RootHide team announces a Sileo update.

In an announcement made via X (formerly Twitter) early Tuesday morning, the RootHide team said that it was updating the included Sileo package manager with some important changes.

Among the new things in the latest RootHide Sileo build are various important bug fixes and the addition of the RootHide identifier at the bottom of the app.

But more importantly, the RootHide team was requesting that anyone who upgrades go ahead and accept sharing anonymous analytics so that jailbreak tweak developers will receive statistical information that can help exacerbate the process of updating jailbreak tweaks to play nicely with RootHide.

Not all jailbreak tweaks currently support RootHide, as developers must update their tweaks for compatibility, however RootHide recently adopted a feature that can make most rootless jailbreak tweaks work out of the box, albeit with reduced jailbreak detection bypass effectiveness.

Having said that, it’s better for jailbreak tweaks to be updated to support RootHide than to use the aforementioned feature because it renders the whole point of installing RootHide in the first place almost moot.

With a jailbreak detection bypass such as RootHide, apps that attempt to detect your jailbroken state so that they can deny you access will not be able to tell that you’re jailbroken. This includes many banking apps, games, and other apps that developers may deem unsafe on a jailbroken device. Of course, end users, not corporations, should be making those decisions.

If you aren’t already using RootHide, then you can follow our step-by-step walkthrough to learn more about it and how to install it. Existing users can simply launch Sileo and update to the latest version, while Zebra users can disregard, for now.

Are you running the latest version of Sileo on your RootHide jailbreak yet? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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