Samsung Galaxy S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra to be « the smartest AI phones ever »

Google played up AI features a lot during its launch event for the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro earlier this month, but if a new rumor is to be believed, those devices’ AI smarts will soon be one-upped by none other than Samsung.

According to this yet-unconfirmed rumor, the Korean company’s upcoming Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 Ultra will be « the smartest AI phones ever », clearly ahead of what even the Pixels have to offer.

Samsung Galaxy S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra to be ''the smartest AI phones ever''

The S24 series will allegedly have features very reminiscent of ChatGPT and Google’s own Bard – such as the ability to create content and stories based on a few keywords you provide.

Samsung has also designed some additional AI features like text-to-image Generative AI, which it already talked about during the announcement of the Exynos 2400 chipset, which will be powering the S24 series in some markets. Speech-to-text will be improved with AI too.

The source of this report boldly claims Bixby (yes, Bixby) will have « more humanlike and smarter conversations » with you. Breaking news: Bixby is still a thing, and apparently will become a much bigger thing as it incorporates AI this and AI that in the future.

The S24 family is currently rumored to be made official at some point in January.


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