Apple « Scary Fast » event wallpapers for iPhone

Today, Apple’s marketing team announced an upcoming media gathering and we have the Scary Fast event wallpaper to match. Apple analysts argued with each other for months trying to determine if this event would occur and what exactly would be released. Now we have the official invitation in the mail and the possibilities seem more ‘treat’ than ‘trick.’

“Scary Fast” Apple event wallpapers

On Monday, October 30 at 5:00PM PT, Tim Cook and company will reveal new products. This is the first evening event, at least in recent memory, and who knows what Apple is set to announce. It is expected the event will be pre-recorded; consequently, the time of day is particularly odd. Perhaps, they simply want a wider audience, given many would-be viewers cannot take time out of their work schedule to tune-in, yours truly included.

On the potential docket: a new 24″ iMac, which still utilizes an M1 chipset. Mark German has speculated on Bloomberg that new MacBook Pros could be announced.

iPads have historically been announced late fall as well, but in recent years spring has been more favored for the Air and Pro models. The ‘basic’ iPad has sometimes been updated in the fall.

Personally, I’m holding out hope for new AirPods Max, given they are outdated in comparison to the AirPods and AirPods Pro models. I’ll take USB-C, increased noise cancellation abilities, and better Continuity / Hand-off capabilities. Let’s hope for some fun colors as well, but something more bold than iPhone 15.

The event invitation simply included a dark, black and white Apple logo. @BasicAppleGuy was quick to get wallpapers ready for download and included a fun Finder version. Given the Scary tag line and Halloween timing, the Finder wallpaper certainly makes me think of a jack-o-lantern.

Scary Fast Apple Event wallpaper for iPhone


Scary Fast Finder iPhone wallpaper


If you want versions for your desktop and iPad, check out the @BasicAppleGuy post for more downloads.

Catch up with me via @jim_gresham for more downloads and general Apple banter as we approach the event! Stick around for hot takes.

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