Problèmes de compatibilité des chargeurs sans fil sur les voitures GM pour les utilisateurs d’iPhone 15 sur iOS 17.1.1 Les utilisateurs de l’iPhone 15 sous iOS 17.1.1 rencontrent des problèmes avec les chargeurs sans fil dans les voitures GM

The latest iOS 17.1.1 update appears to be causing issues with wireless charging in several GM vehicles. Owners of multiple Chevrolet models, including the Bolt EUV and Silverado 2500, have reported that their iPhone 15 series devices are unable to wirelessly charge inside their car after updating to the latest version of iOS, but were working when their phones were running on iOS 17.1.

iPhone 15 users on iOS 17.1.1 experiencing issues with wireless chargers in GM cars

What’s puzzling is that iOS 17.1.1 included a fix for wireless charging and NFC issues in certain BMW cars. The extent of the new problem on GM cars remains to be seen, but numerous user complaints have been filed on Reddit as well as on GM forums and Apple’s official support forum. We will keep an eye on any developments regarding the onboard wireless charging fiasco and will keep you updated accordingly.


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