rewrite this title and translate in french Rapport : le prochain iPad mini sera doté d’un écran OLED de 8,7 pouces

Apple plans to transition its MacBook and iPad lineups to OLED displays in the coming years and a new report from ETNews sheds some more light on the next-generation iPad mini. According to the report, Apple will introduce single-stack LTPS OLED displays on its seventh-generation iPad mini and iPad Air models in 2026. The iPad mini in particular is also said to benefit from a larger 8.7-inch display compared to the current 8.3-inch models.

Rapport : le prochain iPad mini sera doté d'un écran OLED de 8,7 pouces

According to some rumors, Apple would kick off its OLED display transition on the iPad lineup with the 2024 11″ and 13″ iPad Pro models. The iPad Pro models are expected to be equipped with LTPO panels while the mini and Air devices will receive LTPS OLEDs.

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