Beeper dénonce « l’interférence d’Apple » et menace d’abandonner si son application iMessage sur Android est à nouveau bloquée Beeper calls out « Apple interference » and threatens to throw in the towel if its iMessage app on Android is blocked again

Beeper, a company that provides a service and an app that makes iMessage available on Android, has been engaged in a kind of cat and mouse battle with Apple in recent weeks. Beeper Mini was launched with bold claims that it would be possible to bring iMessage to Android users via their phone number, which was not possible before via competing products. Apple then blocked it, and since then, everything has gone downhill.

Beeper recently came back with the second coming of Beeper Mini, but there was a problem: the phone number feature was gone, leaving people unable to send and receive iMessages using their email address only. And that wasn’t even the worst part: they would need access to a Mac for it all to work. Now, Beeper Mini is back with another update, stating that phone numbers are working again. But for how long, no one can say, but that’s not even the worst part, with Beeper admitting that you will need a jailbroken iPhone for it to work.

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