Le Huawei P70 pourrait être équipé d’un nouveau chipset, le Kirin 9010, selon les rumeurs. Selon les rumeurs, le Huawei P70 apporterait un nouveau chipset, le Kirin 9010. (French)

The next Huawei P70 series will use a new HiSilicon chipset tentatively named « Kirin 9010, » writes Smart Pikachu on Weibo. The chip has not been officially announced yet, but it has been in the works for a long time.

The first time we heard the name Kirin 9010 was three years ago – another leaker revealed that it would be a 3nm chip. TSMC was the most likely foundry, but the trade restrictions imposed on Huawei now make that unlikely.

Last week, it was discovered that Huawei was shipping laptops equipped with Kirin 9006C chips made by TSMC, but it turned out to be old stock. SMIC manufactures 7nm chips like the Kirin 9000, but its performance is not as good as TSMC’s 5nm node. SMIC is likely working on a 3nm node, although it will likely take years.

According to rumors, the Huawei P70 will bring a new chipset, the Kirin 9010.

Will the Kirin 9010 really be a 3nm chip or is Huawei just reusing the name? This could be the latter, unless Huawei finds a way to work around the trade restrictions. The company filed a trademark for the name in 2021 (and planned to start production in 2022, but that failed).

Huawei would bring back 5G connectivity with the P70 series. Interestingly, the rumor has it that the P70 Art’s ultra-wide camera will have a 1-inch sensor and a high-quality 1G6P lens (with one glass element and six plastic). Huawei would develop its own sensors – they should make their debut with the P70 series, which is expected to be unveiled in March.

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